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Transforming Communities

"Empowering Lives Through Skillful
Community Development"

Capacity Building

Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust will strengthen staff and children capacity building mechanism to timely and effectively respond to challenges of field work, organization development and fundraising. UGRWT takes serious note of skill development needs of people in the organization. UGRWT will build a diverse team that is motivated, knowledgeable, skillful, and accountable and confidently delivers organization’s mission. UGRWT capacity building urge will not remain limited to own organization but will reach out to its beneficiaries and local partners in order to improve human resources for managing and solving problems on sustainable basis.

Emergency Need

Future Plan

  • Provision of more quality Rehabilitate Education
  • More improvement in extra-curricular activities.
  • Provision of motivational environment to generate healthy minds
  • Start of Shelters for Special Children / Senior Citizens (Urgent Cause).
  • Start Hostel and Educational Institutions

Monitoring Evaluation

Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust activities will be organized through annual work programmes that are designed to achieve the goals and objectives outlined above. For each annual work programme, Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust sets performance indicators. Performance indicators are both output and outcome oriented.

Outcomes are more difficult to measure. However, particularly with regards to Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust advocacy, we will develop tools to measure our impact. In the first instance this will be measured according to official policy documents and the extent they reflect the views and opinions of the Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust network. Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust will also explore ways to more directly measure the impact of the network on the lives of children with disability and non-disability and young people, by information shared by both members organisations and where possible by children and young people directly.

Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust engages an external evaluator to review Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust performance and strategic direction on an annual basis. Every year the external evaluator presents her findings to the UGRWT management board. The new strategic plan takes account of the recommendations made in previous evaluations.

Program And Activites

  1. The main objects of said “Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust “Organization to work for the welfare and well beings of Special Disabled Handicapped Children, Intellectual Disable, Physically Disable, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down Syndrome and as well as people to provide and given Charitable / Welfare services particularly in education, medical, health, shelters, hostel and legal aid as well as ambulance services and general Welfare to special children and people of Pakistani and aboard.
  2. To reduce the incidence of disability and facilitate medical are for abandoned and lesser privileged children with the intent and hope that such children may have an opportunity to lead normal life and sustain themselves in the future.
  3. We aim at minimizing the suffering of disabled by providing a common platform to bring out their hidden talents. With modest efforts together we can add hope, happiness, to the lives of these special children.
  4. The vision of the trust is that children & people with disabilities have equal opportunities leading to improved quality of life and fully participate in a society that respects their rights and dignity.
  5. To provide Education, Training, Shelters, Rehabilitative services and make socially and financially self-reliant to the persons with disabilities in the remotest area of State of Pakistan.
  6. To establish a relief and residential institution and provide need based services of education, activities of daily living skills, orientation and mobility, health care, home economics, vocational trainings, rehabilitation etc.
  7. To provide services for their specific needs of such persons in all forms including shelters, cloths, aids and appliances medicines and other material.

Audit Reports

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