program and activity

Program and Activity

  1. The main objects of said “Umeed Gah Rehabilitation Welfare Trust “Organization to work for the welfare and well beings of Special Disabled Handicapped Children, Intellectual Disable, Physically Disable, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Down Syndrome and as well as people to provide and given Charitable / Welfare services particularly in education, medical, health, shelters, hostel and legal aid as well as ambulance services and general Welfare to special children and people of Pakistani and aboard.
  2. To reduce the incidence of disability and facilitate medical are for abandoned and lesser privileged children with the intent and hope that such children may have an opportunity to lead normal life and sustain themselves in the future.
  3. We aim at minimizing the suffering of disabled by providing a common platform to bring out their hidden talents. With modest efforts together we can add hope, happiness, to the lives of these special children.
  4. The vision of the trust is that children & people with disabilities have equal opportunities leading to improved quality of life and fully participate in a society that respects their rights and dignity.
  5. To provide Education, Training, Shelters, Rehabilitative services and make socially and financially self-reliant to the persons with disabilities in the remotest area of State of Pakistan.
  6. To establish a relief and residential institution and provide need based services of education, activities of daily living skills, orientation and mobility, health care, home economics, vocational trainings, rehabilitation etc.
  7. To provide services for their specific needs of such persons in all forms including shelters, cloths, aids and appliances medicines and other material.
  8. To prepare the community for the long-term acceptance of special children and persons and self-propagation of his mission / goal.
  9. To protect the rights of the disabled and help those to get benefit there by.
  10. To find the hidden talent and potentials of special children as well as people and make them capable to become useful part of the society.
  11. To give them proper place in the society.
  12. To struggle for the rights of special children & people.
  13. To establish “PEACE HOME’’ for special children & people.
  14. To facilitate the education and higher education of the disabled children, the organization has proposed to set up a special school where free lodging and boarding will be provided. The academic needs of these students are also taken care of at the school.
  15. To set up vocational training centre for the disabled children and train them in computer Applications, Stenography, Crafts, Colouring, Sports etc. through which they can earn some money and live their life independently.
  16. To open and establish maintain and aiding modern scientific Education Institutions in general for special children & people and specially those which promote the cause of education for modern education i.e. English Medium Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Reading Room and Computer Labs etc. as considered by the organization.
  17. To found, build, aid, assist, set up, maintain, manage, administer and run Rehabilitation Centre, Education Centre, School Hospital, Medical Centres, Dispensaries and places for medical aids and Relief etc.
  18. To promote charitable, educational, medical, health, legal aid social and cultural activities for the well being of special children and disabled persons and for such purpose to undertake and establish institutions and projects in any part of Pakistan and /or aboard.
  19. To establish educational institutions for special people in Jails to enable the prisoners to get education and to appoint teachers, nurses, physiotherapists for their need.
  20. To ensure the dignity and maintenance of “HUMAN RIGHTS” in our Society through-out-Pakistan, as well over the World and in this connection to rise Voice for the fundamental rights of every Citizen as well as special children and people guaranteed in the Constitution of Pakistan and to secure the Legal, religious and customary rights of every person and/or any Human being through-out the World.
  21. To struggle for the reasonable opportunities of Jobs / Service to the needy special people who are jobless.
  22. To make arrangement for the ambulance service for the welfare of patient in case of any emergency.
  23. To organize and manage ways and means for eradication of Social and Religious evils from the Society.
  24. The organization shall be run on non-commercial & non-political basis.
  25. To arrange for the appointments, removals, discharges, dismissals and re-appointments of from time to time qualified persons in any of the institutions running under the organization at any salary and upon any terms as they may thing proper i.e. any staff whom they may thing necessary or desirable for the purpose of managing the affairs of the organization and power of this deed and may at any time remove or dismiss / terminate any of the persons so appointed.
  26. To acquire properties by lawful means for the expansion, uplift and progress of the said organization.
  27. To maintain, equip, expand and to administer the affairs of the said organization and it properties
  28. To secure, receive endowments and subscriptions, Zakat, Sadaqat, Fitra, Hide and Skins or any other immoveable property or properties from all sources by lawful means and to utilized them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the said Organization.
  29. To invest the funds of the Organization in any manner conductive to the achievement of the objects of the organization.
  30. To acquire by purchase, exchange, lease, hiring or otherwise land, building, office(s), equipment etc or any other property(s) that may be necessary for promoting the object of the organization.
  31. To sell, transfer and dispose off any property(s) in possession of the said Organization with the mutual consent of the Board of Trustees of the said organization.
  32. To deal with such things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the above aims and objects.
  33. To borrow or raise funds through donations, contributions, gifts, Waqf, subscriptions and grants in aid from Government, Semi-Government, autonomous bodies and Enterprise organization, whether in Pakistan or abroad.
  34. All the income, property and profits received from the institutions of the said organization shall be utilized towards the promotion of the object of the said organization.
  35. To take under its affiliation, control, management, supervision and/or guidance such other organization, bodies, societies, institutions, Organization which have same, similar and/or identical aim and objects as are of the Organization for the said purpose, to enter into covenants, contracts, agreements deeds and/or documents on
  36. The term and conditions as decided by the Board looking to the nature and/or supervision and/or guidance of such organization, bodies, societies, institutions, organizations etc.
  37. To co-operate and co-ordinate with any Government, Semi-Government and any other such office / agencies for achieving the aforementioned aims and objects.
  38. Generally to do any act calculated to promote the aims and objects of the organization.